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A helpful guide to maintaining your family's spiritual awareness and connection to each other

If not now, when? 

Hineni, I am here. 
As a fellow parent, I am worried about losing a sense of community and the spiritual connection to other parents during a time when we need to be physically isolated. When services were wisely canceled, this added an extra burden as we need to seek out content not just for ourselves but for our littles. So I give you Shabbat Lo B'Yachad, a tool to build your own Shabbat (and Jewish-minded) experience over the next few months. I hope this provides a platform for creativity and self-expression, where we can have some fun, share ideas, and grow in the only way we can at the moment - because we are still all here, even if the here is currently not in the synagogue building. 
Below you will find a breakdown of this site. Please keep in mind that any opinions expressed on this page are my own and do not represent Netivot Shalom as a whole. The content and resources will come from many locations and I will cite the origin as much as possible. Please also keep in mind that this webpage is designed for internal use by those already associated with Congregation Netivot Shalom and not for distribution. If you would like to share the siddur with those outside our community, please refer them to EKS Publishing. 

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Think of this as your spot for a little creative fun. We will be posting challenges, ways to share your Jewish at-home adventures, and will have an ongoing Shehecheyanu thread.

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This section will be divided up into three portions based on a typical SBY program. The first features instructions on how to lead your own tefilah service along with scans of the Siddur and links to how to sing the prayers. The second details suggested books for the storytelling portion of the service as well as a list of weekly themes. Lastly, you'll find links to activities relating to each parsha or the Jewish calendar. 

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Never hesitate to reach out. I want your suggestions, feedback, progress, ah-ha moments, you name it! This is about connection after all. 

I've also included some other shul emails for easy access.